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The Mirage Quattro FX CPAP Mask is ResMed's most advanced full-face mask to date. Its stripped-down design means it has the smallest possible contact area with the face, and removes pressure from the key problem areas of the forehead and the nasal bridge. The enhanced suspension in the cushion allows for a softer, more precise seal without the need for excessively tight headgear. A true step forward in full-face mask design.

Sizing: Please use the Sizing Guide in our Downloads section below.

ResMed Mirage Full Face Masks
Silicone Cushion

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A revolution in full-face CPAP mask design

The ResMed Mirage Quattro FX is a complete re-working of the Mirage Quattro – one of our most popular full face masks. The Quattro FX features an entirely new approach to design, and the result is a compact, comfortable and simple full face mask.

The Quattro FX is possibly the smallest and most unobtrusive mask we have seen. ResMed have stripped away as many contact patches as possible in order to enhance the comfort of the mask. There's no forehead pad, and the Mirage Quattro FX sits halfway down the nose. This means the mask makes no contact with the bridge of the nose – a key area of discomfort for many CPAP users. The lack of forehead support also allows you to wear glasses and read – a luxury rarely affordable by a full-face CPAP mask.

Deep cushion offers maximum comfort and support

Usually fewer contact points means that the pressure from the mask is spread over a smaller area, potentially making it more uncomfortable. Not with the Quattro FX, as it features a unique sealing system and a cushion with far more suspension than a regular mask. The extra suspension and flexibility of the cushion allows you to get a comfortable and effective seal without relying on tightening the headgear excessively.

The Quattro FX disassembles quickly and easily for regular cleaning. The headgear design distributes pressure evenly and comfortably, and four adjustment points allow you to get it to fit exactly to your needs. All sizes of the mask are shipped with medium sized headgear, which will fit almost every head size. For the few who find that the medium headgear does not fit then small and large headgears can be ordered separately.

The unique “swing and seal” system means there's no need for constant adjustments – you simply rest the top of the mask on the bridge of your nose, swing it down over your mouth, and put the straps on. It really is that easy. ResMed supply all sizes of this mask with Medium sized headgear, you can get alternative sizes here if required, although the medium headgear should be the vast majority regardless of the size of the mask itself.

What others have said

"Just looking at the on-line photos, you can see this is a good mask - but try it on and immediately you know this is a winner! Take it from me already, for full-facers, this is a must have mask! On the first night I slept all the way through without any remembered problems. This is a must try mask for mouth breathers! It gives me long, deep sleep with minimal or no discomfort and virtually no 'typical CPAP problems'. My sleep has improved so much since I started using the mask. The deep cushion then makes for a very light seal and there is virtually no pressure anywhere. The reason I'm raving about the Quattro FX is that it is utterly different to any other I have experienced and want others to know of this fantastic new product.”
Tigers Fan - cpap.co.uk forums member

Quattro FX For Her - available now

Female CPAP users may wish to consider the Mirage Quattro FX For Her instead. The mask itself is identical to the regular version, but has pink headgear that has been redesigned for allow for a greater variation of hairstyles, such as wearing a ponytail. You can find out more about the Quattro FX For Her by clicking here.

ResMed Mirage Full Face Masks
Silicone Cushion

Additional Information

SKU / Code 61703 61704 61705
Manufacturer ResMed
Product Specifications No
What's Included No
Useful Links No
Mask Size Large, Medium, Small
Sizing Gauges Digital, downloadable (see "Useful Links" box in Product Description above)
Mask Type Full Face
Cushion/Seal Material Silicone
Replaceable Seal/Cushion Yes
360 Degree Swivels Mask End, Tube End
Humidifier Required Recommended
Forehead Support No
Chin Support No
Diffuser Yes
Exhalation Valve Yes
Oxygen/Pressure Port Yes
Flexible Mask Body Yes
Storage Bag/Box Supplied No
(Quick) Release Method Push clip
Headgear Included Yes
Headgear Attachment Method Push Clip
Crown Strap Yes, Fixed
Headgear Adjustment Points 4
Manual Languages English
Manufacturer's Warranty No
Manufacturer's Help Lines No
Made In No
CE Marked Yes

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  • Mdieval torture?: Review by -

    As a newcomer to CPAP I was supplied with this mask by my sleep clinic. I can only imagine that other masks must be akin to medieval torture instruments of some kind if the Quattro FX is the 'most comfortable'! I have tried for a number of weeks now to use this mask and, regardles how carefully I try to adjust and fit the thing, I get no more than 2-3 hours sleep before being woken by a blast of air in my eyes or other part of my face. I find the slightest sideways pressure moves the thing and causes leaks too. It's not pressure from a pillow either - gravity alone seems enough to pull the mask down sideways on my face causing leaks. It has to be really tight before leaks stop and then any so-called comfort disappears! GRRRR!

  • Good mask once you have it adjusted correctly.: Review by -

    I have been a CPAP user since 1999 and I have found this mask to be the best I have used so far. It has some niggles however, partners don't like being blasted with air all night from the front facing vent. It can be fiddly to put on until you get used to it and getting the straps tensioned just right is very important, if you don't the mask will either ride up your nose or just leak. One other point is the silicone, I don't suffer from skin conditions but have found that it is irritating and sometimes leaves reddish patched on my skin. I have been using Remzz mask liners for over a year now and this completely resolves any problems and makes this comfortable mask even better.

  • Good mask but silicone is irritating: Review by -

    This is my first CPAP mask and I really like the way it fits snugly and is adjustable to get the fit right, however my biggest disappointment is the silicone material that makes contact to your face. As an eczema sufferer I have found it to irritiate my face to such an extent that it has given me eczema there (normally there would be none). I thought I was alone with this problem but after some googling it seems that resmed face masks are irritating to many eczema sufferers. I have yet to try the Remzzz cotton pads but I am hoping they will offer some relief.

  • Good once setup: Review by -

    It took several days to get the straps adjusted to suit my less than perfect face. However once adjusted it is reasonably comfortable to wear and fairly leak resistant. I am a side sleeper and only now and then do I put sufficient pressure on the mask to cause eye leaks. I am pleased with the mask it is compact, any morning marks quickly fade away. A real plus is that the mask does not cause soreness on the bridge of the nose, but sits further down. The small down side is that the mask tends to ride up the nose and above the mouth if not adjusted properly.
    A particular problem is the limited adjustment on the top straps. these could be longer, I am large size and adjustment is at full length.

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