RemZzzs Mask Liners

RemZzzs Mask Liners - say goodnight to leaks and irritation

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners are soft pieces of fabric that sit between your CPAP mask and your face. In doing so, they help to solve many of the most common problems with CPAP therapy. These include:

Leaks - Improves the quality of the seal
Irritation - Absorbs skin oils that cause irritation
Red Marks - Provides padding to reduce mask pressure on the face and nasal bridge
Headgear Pressure - Straps can often be loosened as seal is improved

What others have said about RemZzzs Mask Liners:

"Repeatedly during the night, I woke up from all sorts of leaks, and the red marks on the bridge of my nose were so severe that the skin quickly broke down and became infected. I found your website and ordered the sample pack. The first night with RemZzzs made me a convert!" - Mark

"For the first time since I’ve had a CPAP mask, I’ve found myself sleeping throughout the whole night without waking up for leaks, and my face was reacting to the silicone. That has gone away too. I couldn’t be happier, nice job." - Ed

"The short version is that I’ve tried everything; Then my son sent me an email about RemZzzs. I didn’t have anything to lose so I ordered a 30-day supply. I’ve been sold on them ever since. I would recommend that anyone, at the very least, try the sample for themselves. I found that your product really does make a difference!" - Larry

"I tried the sample pack and was amazed at the comfort, and oh my goodness, the sleep was amazing! I must have been leaking all this time. I really do dream again." - Dan

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