SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP by Fisher & Paykel

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SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP by Fisher & Paykel

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SensAwake and Ambient Tracking Plus make the SleepStyle 254 Auto CPAP by Fisher & Paykel one of the most comfortable CPAP currently available in the UK.


Please note: The SleepStyle 254 is being phased out and will shortly be discontinued. While this excellent machine is still available, we would instead recommend that you consider its successor, the Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto instead.

In obstructive sleep apnoea, the throat only collapses during sleep. Wearing a CPAP mask with the machine blowing at full force when you are awake can be intimidating and uncomfortable. Cue SensAwake, Fisher & Paykel's unique method of detecting when the patient is asleep or awake and adjusting the pressure accordingly. With this unique feature, the SleepStyle 254 will always aim to deliver the most comfortable, clinically correct pressure possible.

Personalised Pressure Delivery for Optimum Comfort

CPAP users commonly arouse from sleep and experience awake states during which it can be hard to tolerate the delivered pressure. This can make it difficult to drop off back to sleep. Patient comfort is critical in therapy success and this is exactly why Fisher & Paykel have put a lot of effort into developing SensAwake.

When you are awake, your breathing changes and the Auto-CPAP machine's built-in technology can spot this in seconds. It promptly reduces the delivered pressure to the lowest, most comfortable level. This form of personalised treatment helps to increase sleep quality and avoids negative experiences.

Automatically Adjusting When Needed

The 254 Auto-CPAP is a versatile auto-titrating continuous positive airway pressure device featuring a flow-based automatically adjusting algorithm which detects and effectively responds to flow limitations, apnoeas and hypopnoeas (also see graph.) Compared to a fixed pressure CPAP, an Auto-CPAP will blow at a comfortable low pressure and only increase delivery of air to the mask when an event is detected. This leads to an overall lower pressure on average.

Long-term, auto-adjusting CPAP machines such as this Fisher & Paykel 254 also offer a range of benefits. If, for example, you have a few drinks, suffer from a cold or perhaps gain or lose some weight, your pressure needs may change and this clever variable pressure machine will detect these changes in airway resistance and change the CPAP pressure accordingly. This saves a trip to the clinic as it changes instantly without any interference.

Cutting-edge Humidification: Ambient Tracking Plus

It has been well documented that heated humidification improves comfort and compliance, removing dryness and helping to avoid nasal blockages. But humidification itself can lead to new problems, such as condensation in the tube and mask leading to excess moisture and gurgling sounds. The SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP solves this with a fully integrated humidification solution offering patented Ambient Tracking Plus. This unique system provides effective humidification under changing conditions by:

  • Minimising condensation to prevent mask pressure fluctuation and pressure algorithm disruptions.
  • Maximising humidity during leaks to prevent nasal discomfort.

The fully integrated heated humidifier's auto-adjusting heater plate maximises humidity by compensating for changes in room temperature and during mouth and mask leaks. The level of humidity is dependent on room temperature so humidification remains stable.

Performance Reporting - Keep Track of Your Progress

Through a clever SmartStick data key and the comprehensive PerformanceMaximizer treatment efficacy reporting software (not included; for use by therapy provider) you and your therapy provider can keep track of therapy effectiveness including compliance, apnoea/hypopnoea index (AHI), leak rates and pressure. If your clinician does not have this software, please see under "Data Transfer" for information about sending us your SmartStick for a prompt report.

Auto-CPAP You Can Rely On

Aside from unique technology such as SensAwake and Ambient Tracking Plus, the Fisher & Paykel 254 Auto-CPAP boasts all the other features you would expect in a modern sleep therapy unit. The 254 offers leak compensation, manual altitude adjustment control, auto-switching power for world-wide travel, carry bag, easy cleaning, ramp, simple controls and an easy to read display. Combined with a clear manual and telephone support either from Intus or Fisher & Paykel's UK office direct, this is an easy-to-use yet high-end sleep apnoea therapy machine which can help you get back to a re-energised state of health.

Additional Information

SKU / Code HC254
Weight (including packaging) in grams 1900.0000
Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
Product Specifications N/A
What's Included N/A
Useful Links N/A
A.K.A. SleepStyle 200 Series Auto CPAP
Mode Auto-CPAP (APAP)
Supported PAP Modes CPAP, Auto-CPAP (APAP)
Pressure Type Pre-set / Fixed, Variable / Auto-adjusting
Operating Pressure Range 4-20 hPa / cm H2O
PAP Dimensions (Standalone) 17.0 cm H x 14.0 cm W x 27.5 cm L - 6.7 in H x 5.5 in W x 10.8 in L
Menu Languages Generic (Numbers & Symbols)
DVD Included No
Mask Included No
Blower Operation Meter No
Usage Compliance Meter No
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Years
User Manual Included Yes
User Manual Languages Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Nederlands, Norsk, Português, Simplified Chinese, Suomi, Svenska, Traditional Chinese
Clinician Manual Included When shipped to hospital or clinic
Manufacturer's Help Lines Australia, Austria, Benelux, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Middle East (Dubai), New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
Made In New Zealand
CE Marked Yes
Fixed Built-in Humidifier? Built-in humidification (fixed)
Humidifier Capacity N/A
Humidifier Controls On the CPAP machine.
Humidifier Heat Levels N/A
Humidifier Integration Fully integrated as it comes.
Humidification Options Can only be purchased with heated humidificaiton.
Humidifier Power Source Via PAP Machine
PAP Dimensions (w/ Humidifier) 17.0 cm H x 14.0 cm W x 27.5 cm L - 6.7 in H x 5.5 in W x 10.8 in L
Tube Included Yes
Heated Tube Included No
Tube Length 6ft / 183cm
Tube Length Settings 6ft / 183cm
Applicable Filter Types Coarse Filters
Coarse Filters Included 2
High Efficiency Fine Filters Included 0
Washable Filters Not Washable
Electrical Ratings 50-60Hz, 100-115V ~ (1.2A, 1.3A max), 220-240V ~ (0.8A, 1.8A max)
Max Power Consumption No
Power Cord Included 3-Pin Figure 8 UK Fused
Power Supply Type Internal - No Brick
Multi-Voltage Power Switching Automatic Switching
AC to DC Switch Not Applicable
DC Option Not Available (Use inverter)
DC Battery Comments Average current DC to AC requirements: 115V - 200W / 300W Surge 230V - 300W / 500W Surge Please make sure the inverter you use matches these requirements.
Lit Buttons N/A
Lit Display N/A
Ramp/Delay Method Rampt button drops pressure to 5 hPa / cm H2O and gradually increases it over 20 minutes.
Events Pressure Adjusted On Hypopnoea, Apnoea
Sound Level dB(A) No
Carry Bag Features Padded Bag, Shoulder Strap
Fault Notifications N/A
Maintenance Reminders No
Altitude Compensation Manual
Pressure Displayed Actual Current Pressure
Pressure Accuracy N/A
Mask On Power On Automatically N/A
Mask Off Power Down Automatically N/A
Mask Fit Alerts No
Automatic Mask Leak Compensation Yes