Getting the correct bedding can help make CPAP more comfortable. Special pillows especially, such as the Ultra CPAP Pillow, have cut-outs for the mask to sit in while side sleeping. This gives greater freedom in sleeping positions, and reduces the risk of the mask dislodging or digging into your face if you change position during the night. If this sounds familiar, then order yourself a special pillow today!

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  1. Ultra CPAP Pillowby Putnams

    Starting at: €18.94

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION:: The Ultra CPAP Pillow is no longer available, please instead see the CPAP Pillow 2.0 which features several improvements, such as a tube management tether. Find out more about it here. Replacement pillow cases for the Ultra CPAP Pillow can still be purchased currently. Please note the pillow cases for the Ultra CPAP Pillow and the CPAP Pillow 2.0 are not cross-compatible.

    Pressure marks and leaks bothering you? Get to grips with CPAP therapy with the help of the memory foam Ultra CPAP Pillow, featuring special cut-outs to accommodate your CPAP mask.
    Includes a pillow case made from CoolMax (more detail in the main description below). Additional pillow cases can be purchased if desired.

  2. Tube Management Clipby Circadiance


    The Tube Management Clip is a simple way of keeping your CPAP tubing under control. It simply clips your hose to the bedding or your nightwear, reducing pull on the mask to help you maintain a comfortable seal through the night.

  3. Starting at: €18.94

    Keep your Ultra CPAP Pillow as fresh and comfortable as possible with a new pillowcase - or simply have a spare.

  4. CPAP Pillow 2.0by Contour Living

    Starting at: €16.71

    • Reduces Mask Shifting & Interference
    • Helps Stop Mask Air Leaks Which Awaken You
    • Prevents Dry Eyes, Mouth & Nose
    • Reduces Mask Lines on Your Face and Redness
    • Provides Orthopaedic Alignment for Improved Airflow
    • Works With All Major Mask Brands & Styles
    • CPAP Pillows accommodate side, back or stomach sleepers

    An optional CPAP Pillow Case that conforms to the cutouts of the CPAP Pillow 2.0 can also be purchased here (it is not included as standard, as it typically fits inside a standard pillow case). The CPAP Pillow 2.0 comes included with a quilted cover; if you need a replacement due to discolouration, that can also be purchased here.

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